Dear Sir,

Here are some very simple but true reasons to help you in making decision to go for POWERtrac substation up to 10/14MVA:

01. If persons behind the product is a matter, we have a great team who says only “WE” not “I” to support our customers. Persons behind POWERtrac also matters and our top management believes in LEAD TO SERVE. Our key strength is positive people.

02. We are one of those very rare companies which import all major raw materials of prime grade like CRGO, COPPER, INSULATING MATERIALS and TR-OIL for transformer and true components VCB, ACB, MCCB, CONTACTORS and CAPACITORS, PANEL METERS, METERS for panels. So you can be sure enough to have Quality against the sincere price.

03. We have trained professional ENGINEERS, TECHNICIANS and MANAGEMENT PERSONALS who believe in KAIZEN (Continuous Improvement) in Manufacturing, Sales- Communication and After Sales Services. We are transparent throughout the organization.

04. In POWERtrac we practice 5S, QC Circle and TQM in all area of its activities. ISO 9001-8000 certification is also our part. INNOVATION is our strength, 6H and hard working spirits for routine activities is our flavor. We have all test certificates inside the country and waiting for CPRI (Type Test) very soon.

05. Good Transformer is only LOW LOSS Transformer (i. e. Low No Load Loss and Full Load Loss). Our design team is very rich headed by Engr. Debashis Bhattacharia (of Ex BHEL Designer), Engr. Deeptoraag Bose (of ex ALSTHOM) and Engr. Anirudha Chandho are core people of our design team.

06. We have the modern manufacturing technique like “STEPLESS CORE ASSEMBLY” method of Germany, which reduces 10-12% of core losses of our transformer. We apply all applicable techniques like V-knotch cut, rinkle free cut and dust free assembly to ensure highest standard of transformer quality.

07. Since we are the importers of brands like INDOASIAN (an Indian concern of LEGRAND France), HAUSMANN Germany, JFE Japan and SINOPAC, Japan (from china) customers will get the benefit of getting reasonable price. Not only Substations, Generators, PROTECbox (DB board), Switches and Sockets, Cable Tray, Bus Bar Trenching, Capacitors, Meters, LED bulbs & Tube lights, HRC Fuses, Harmonic Solutions, Solar panels and over head line-products are also available from our stock and show rooms, So POWERtrac people are around you either with products or with services. So WE CARE YOUR ELECTRICITY.”

08. We understand the importance of “AFTER SALES SERVICE” and only POWERtrac maintains a ROUND THE CLOCK service team to be present within an hour of your call. Our HOT NUMBERS are 01974655041 and 01974655008. Our company policy is “To reach in the soonest possible times on the spot of complaints, than commercial or other issues”.

09. COMPLIANCE PANELS with cable glands, proper IP, Accurate Terminations and dust filtration are available with us. We are also doing your LOAD AUDIT at a very reasonable price and provide harmonic solutions for steel mill, rerolling mills, paper mills, cement mills etc.

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